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On January 12 at 8pm at the Bronx Art Space will be the second of two stops for a traveling show, ‘Parcel.’ The show will be open to the public. The work included in the show is flat, fits in cardboard tubes, or is made of small pieces. The original goal was to get the cost of shipping as low as possible, but this physical and financial limitation bred a theme. The works are composed of pieces that form a larger image. To quote Lawrence Weiner's anodized aluminum letters piece, “BITS & PIECES PUT TOGETHER TO PRESENT A SEMBLANCE OF A WHOLE” is loosely what the work in this show does. Curated by Rollin Leonard Artists in the show include: Anthony Antonellis, USA Kim Asendorf, Germany Emilie Gervais, France Rollin Leonard, USA Lorna Mills, Canada Yoshi Sodeoka, USA Sarah Weis, USA

Where & When

1) 45 York Street Portland, ME 04101 November 24, 5pm-8pm Also by appointment in the weeks following 2) Bronx Art Space 305 E 140th St #1A Bronx, NY 10454 January 12 2013


Please write Pictured above, "Zen Dog" by Lorna Mills